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Jonny is a Compassion & Mindfulness based Therapist who draws in particular from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT). He has been trained and is experienced in other 3rd Wave Cognitive Behavioural Therapies. He combines a highly compassionate and empathic approach, with practical psychological skills, to help clients move in valued life directions. He also provides CFT and ACT supervision. 

Jonny has trained with many leading experts in psychological therapies like Dr’s Paul Gilbert and Chris Irons in CFT and Dr’s Steven Hayes, Russ Harris, Kelly Wilson and Kirk Strohsal in ACT. He is supervised by Dr Chris Irons in CFT and Dr John Forsyth for ACT, both of whom are highly skilled and published psychological experts. 

He has extensive experience working with clients with a wide range of mental health challenges. This experience has been developed whilst providing therapy and Mindfulness & Compassion based groups both in the NHS and private practice. He has experience of working in short term and longer-term individual and group contexts.

Areas of specialist interest and training include:

Anxiety and Depression

He has the experience of working with a range of anxiety and depression client presentations, causing different levels of impact to function and wellbeing for clients. This ranges from high functioning anxiety and depression to severe agoraphobia, panic, immobilising depression and suicidality. He has experience of working with people with high levels of avoidance and impacts on motivation & hope to develop a more compassionate and supportive approach to gaining their life back (in the domains of love, work, play and health). He has specialist experience in working with clients with Depersonalisation/De-realization Disorder (DPDR). He has lived experience of both anxiety & depression and DPDR.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

Jonny is recognized as a skilled clinician in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for OCD and integrating CFT into this process. He approaches Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) from a values and compassionate approach. He has appeared a number of times on the popular OCD podcast ‘the OCD Stories’ and is the resident therapist on the OCD Stories annual recovery camp. He has lived experience of OCD and recovery.


He is trained in CFT and ACT approaches to working with trauma. This can involve mindful and compassionate exposure to trauma experiences in a gradual and collaborative way. It can involve more ‘present’ focus, developing skills to handle trauma symptoms, reduce the impact and distress and move life back towards connection, meaning and purpose. He has experience of working with both PTSD and Complex PTSD diagnoses and dissociative processes. He also has experience of clients managing their trauma with addictions and working on recovery. 

High Performance and Perfectionism

Jonny has worked with leaders of major companies across a diverse range of organisations (Tech, Corporate, NHS, Finance, Military and more). He has worked with high performing athletes (Olympic and international level) and artists (musicians, actors). He helps individuals learn skills to use the power of high standards, without being pulled into problematic and unworkable behaviour habits. He has expertise in tools to develop focus, creativity, determination & motivation whilst ensuring self-caring habits are in place. He has worked with individuals working with the impact of ADHD together with perfectionism and high performance. 

Relationship Difficulties Including Narcissistic Abuse

He has worked with many people recovering from the impact of narcissistic and abusive relationships. He also has experience of working with individuals with Narcistic Personality Disorder, so he has knowledge of both sides of this dynamic. Jonny will work collaboratively to understand relationship needs and develop healthy approaches to connection and assertiveness using CFT and ACT for relationships. 

CFT for Psychosis

Jonny has been trained in CFT for psychosis by Dr Charlie Heriot-Maitland and supervised by Dr Chris Irons, who are both experts on CFT for psychosis. He has experience of working with clients in recovery from psychosis, that are looking to stabilise and maintain wellbeing. He has also worked to support individuals that are working with an NHS psychosis service to provide additional Compassion and Mindfulness skills to support recovery. 

CFT and ACT for Eating Disorders

He has worked with individuals who have severe eating disorders and are in residential ED facilities or have been managing the transition out of hospital. Jonny uses both CFT and ACT to help clients lessen the grip of the ‘eating disorder voice’; work on the trauma or painful history that may be part of the ED; develop skills to cope with the painful feelings and urges that drive the ED; and build a life that is compassionate and values based to support recovery. He has worked with clients with the combination of ED, OCD and autism spectrum difficulties. 

Jonny also delivers workplace wellbeing groups focused on Mindfulness and Compassion to public and corporate groups. He has delivered training to a diverse range of groups from the NHS, to leading Tech and Finance companies to charities like Mind and other mental health support groups.

He is passionate about helping clients to improve their mental health and wellbeing, having experienced his own difficulties with anxiety, OCD and depression in the past. He draws from this lived experience to bring empathy and practical tools for mental health recovery. 

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Jonny is currently working online only, but will likely open up face-to-face therapy slots in Cambridge in the near future

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