Guided Practices

Guided Mindfulness . Compassion . & Acceptance Practices

Audio recordings by Jonny Say to guide you in meditation, compassion, and acceptance.


Dropping Anchor
Acceptance in an Emotional Storm
Unhooking From Difficult Thoughts
I Notice I’m Having The Thought
Acceptance of Difficult Thoughts
Name The Story
Managing Difficult Thoughts Practice
Accepting Difficult Emotions
Urge Surfing
Behavioral Change Practice
Watch Your Mouth
Exercise for Relationship Challenges
Notice, Savour, Appreciate
Experiencing the Present Moment
Values From a Memory
Connect With Core Values
Values Connection Practice
Deepen Connection to Your Values
Values Based Problem Solving
Problem Solving and Action Planning
Dipping Into The Stream
Dipping Into and Out of The Stream


Compassionate Self Practices
Connecting To Compassionate Self
Compassionate Coping
Compassionate Coping in the Moment
Compassion Meditation
10 Minute Compassion Meditation
Self Compassion Break
Self Compassion Exercise
Self Compassion for Feelings
Practice Connecting to Feelings
Compassionate Self to Other and Self
Connecting to Compassionate Self
Calm Place and Compassionate Other
Connecting to Your Calm Place
Compassion to the Past
Compassion for your Earlier Self
Compassion to the Inner Critic
Work on Exploring the Inner Critic
Brief Compassion Exercise
Brief Compassion to the Inner Critic


Rest Meditation
5 Minute Meditation on Rest
Breathing Meditation
10 Minute Breathing Meditation
Body Scan Meditation
10 Minute Body Scan
Hearing Meditation
10 Minute Mindfulness of Sounds
Feelings Meditation
Mindfulness of Thoughts and Emotions
Take a Moment Meditation
3 Minute "Take a Moment" Exercise
Open Awareness
25 Minute Open Awareness


Dropping Anchor (6 Minutes)
Urge Surfing (5 Minutes)
Dipping Into the Stream (5 Mins)
Values Based Exposure (10 Mins)

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