The biggest predictors for stress resilience are social support and connection with meaning & purpose. Our courses and coaching develop these skills along with stress management, sustained attention/performance, deep work, supportive lifestyles, mindset skills, sleep hygiene & evidence-based wellbeing interventions, positive psychology at work, behaviour change, connection to core values and compassion.

Jonny is an expert trainer, helping organisations to apply mindfulness, compassion and evidence based psychological skills to improve individual and team performance, reduce mental health stigma, strengthen organisations, increase wellbeing and align teams with their core values.

Jonny Say Therapy - Compassion & Mindfulness based Therapist

He does this by providing a range of training and coaching services. These include single workshops, 4- and 8-week courses (or longer), ongoing consultancy (quarterly trainings and reviews), 1-2-1 coaching, ongoing mindset sessions and senior leadership trainings.

As a therapist he was worked with elite performers including CEO’s of global Tech Firms, world class athletes (Professional and Olympians), Military and Frontline Responders leaders, senior NHS leaders, Artists (Actors, Musicians, Filmmakers), Finance leaders and many other leaders in their fields.


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